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After you have fished Henry’s Lake, you’ll want to check out the many attractions littering the Island Park/West Yellowstone area. These are family friendly, handicapped accessible and considered treasures by the locals:

  • Big Springs: 120 million gallons of water bubble out of the ground at these headwaters. Bring breadcrumbs-you can toss them off the bridge and see the sparkling, constant 52 degree spring water get turbulent with the incredibly big fish living there. These trout flourish in this water, but don’t bring your rod. There’s no fishing here.
  • Johnny Sack’s Cabin: Using nothing more than some crude tools, local trees and his bare hands, Johnny built his cabin, furnishings and waterwheel. This relic is awash in history and craft.
  • Harriman State Park: Surrounded by a 16,000-acre wildlife reserve, Harriman State Park takes you back in time. 27 of the original Railroad Ranch structures continue to be furnished and preserved. Open year-round for all to enjoy, but there is no camping. You can rent a group facility (bunkhouse), the Ranch Manager’s House, or a yurt. Call (208) 558-7368 for more information
  • Mesa Falls: 1.3 million years ago a huge volcanic eruption created the Mesa Falls Tuff. It’s 114 feet high and is a backsplash for Mesa Falls as the water rumbles and tumbles over it.
  • Mesa Falls Scenic Loop: 26 miles of nothing but beautiful, natural, historical amazement. Open meadows alive with fowl and wildlife sing praises to Mother Nature.
  • Island Park: Boasting the longest main street in America (35 miles!), Island Park has fewer than 300 year round residents. It is continually referred to as a unique western town with a peaceful tone and many play areas.
  • Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center: Bears and wolves live as ambassadors to the outsiders, humans. Here you can view them in their natural setting. Children can engage in the animals care through the Keeper Kids Program. This center is open 365 days a year with bears that don’t hibernate. Call 1-800-257-2570 for more information.

Places to Stay, People to Meet

Eagle Ridge Adventures
3438 Old Shotgun Rd.
Island Park, Idaho 83429
Phone: (208) 558-0900

Ponds Lodge
P.O. Box 120
Island Park, Idaho 83429
Phone: (208) 558-7221

Henry’s Lake State Park
3917 E. 5100 N.
Island Park, ID 83429
Phone: (208) 558-7532
Toll Free: (866) 634-3246
Anglers Lodge
3363 old hwy 191
Island Park, Idaho
(208) 558-9555

BS Flies and Tackle
Mail: PO Box 33
Newdale, Idaho 83436
Phone: (208) 351-6581
Island Park Chamber of Commerce
3416 N. Highway 20
Island Park, Idaho 83429
Phone: (208) 558-7755


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